Monday, October 15, 2018

Xiaolizi Navy Blue Wool Midi Coat with Hood

I think the best feature of this coat for me is the hood.  It actually fits me!  So often, I find that hoods are too small or short to fit me comfortably, so I am thrilled that is not the case with this navy blue wool blend coat from Xiaolizi. The coat also comes with seam pockets.

The coat is made slightly longer in the back, which I find to be a nice feature.  It is a classic style, which I can see wearing for many years to come.  A coat like this is appropriate to wear for most any occasion.  It also comes in green and red, if you are looking for a less traditional color.  The fabric is nice, thick, and does not feel itchy on my skin.  It will really work to keep you warm in the cold months, and its it not made from the thin, felt-like fabric that some coats I have bought online have been made from.

Xiaolizi has lots of other gorgeous coat, so be sure to check out their site!  And, just for my readers, there is an exclusive coupon code GREEN20, with which you can get 20% off your order!

Coat Xiaolizi

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