Sunday, September 9, 2018

Southwest Print Blouse

I have spent most of my Sunday uploading Youtube videos.  How about you?

I have so many thrift hauls, in particular!  I would like to film even more, and different content, too.

The cool necklace I am wearing in this post was from Lowemart for just one dollar!  I thought it matched this top very well.  The top is one I bought from the American Way thrift store in Lancaster, California.  Gosh, I miss that store!  They had such amazing finds, and great deals!  If you are ever in the Lancaster area, you should totally check them out!

The shorts are a pair I have had for years, so I don't even remember where I got them from.  I bought the shoes on sale at Walmart, I think somewhere in Kansas when we were passing through in 2015.  They are pretty comfortable.

Southwest Print Blouse

Southwest Print Blouse

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