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How to choose curling irons for different hair

How to choose curling irons for different hair types

If you are having trouble finding the best curling iron for you, then this article is for you. We have different curling irons to produce different sizes of curls. The different types of curls you can get from different curling irons make it important to choose the perfect curling irons according to the type of hair being curled. The top curling irons for different girls are of different types. In order to select the best curls for different girls we should consider certain factors.

Decide on the type of curls you want to achieve. 

Different types of curling irons have different barrels based on the size of curls that they are intended to form. The top curling irons for girls in the market can help you produce different types and sizes of curls. If you want a tight curl, pick a curling iron with a smaller diameter, and if you want a bigger curl, choose one with a larger diameter. 

When selecting a curling iron that will give your hair the best look and shape, you should also consider the texture of your hair and its thickness.If you have short hair, which extends to just above your shoulder, a small barrel will be the most appropriate.

Decide on the heating capacity of the curling iron you want.
Take note of all the features of the curling iron you want to purchase. One thing to consider is the heat settings. A top curling iron will have a wide variety of heat settings, and this will make the curling iron easier to control. A curling iron without a variety of heat settings is less likely to give you the best results when curling your hair.

Choose a curlig iron with a spring-loaded clamp.
Another thing to take note of is the spring-loaded clamp. A curling iron with a spring-loaded clamp will hold your hair in place while you curl it. This will make it easier to curl, and will make using the curling iron easier. 
Choose a curling iron with the shape you want.
Consider the shape of the iron. Curling irons come in a variety of shapes which will lead to different results. You should get the curling iron which has the barrel which can provide you with the best curl shape and size possible. We have curling irons with straight barrels, spiral barrels, pearl barrels, double or triple barrels, and flat irons. 

Choose a curling iron of the right material.
Curling irons are made from different materials which have different effects on the hair they are applied to. The different materials heat differently and curl the hair differently. Before purchasing a curling iron, be sure to choose one made of the right material. Materials used in making curling irons include ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, and chrome, as well as gold and other types of metal.

Below is a list of the top curling irons which are available; girls with every type of hair should be able to find at least one of  the following curling irons to suit them:

·         Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron
·         Bed Head Curlipops Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Iron
·         Ion Titanium Pro Curling Iron
·         Hot Tools Professional CurlBar
·         BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium SteamTech MiraCurl
·         Bio Ionic Long Barrel Styler Pro Curling Iron
·         Beachwaver Pro
·         GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand
·         NuMe Octowand

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