Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Shein Green Floral Print Robe

I just adored the print and color of this kimono/robe when I saw it.  I bought it with the intention of wearing it as a summer season robe, though it is meant to be worn as a jacket/kimono type piece of clothing.  I bought in a size large,and the fit is pretty much perfect.  I was happy to find that the sleeves were not too long, which is often the case for me when I buy jackets and robes.  I do wish it had been a little wider, so it would not pull apart as much in the front.  Please check my measurments in my About Me section.  If you are much larger than me, you may find this item to be too small.  

I love how this jacket has pockets!  The fabric is lighter weight, making this perfect for spring and summer.

Jacket Shein

Shein Green Floral Print Robe

Shein Green Floral Print Robe

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