Friday, February 2, 2018

Valentine's Gift Idea for Men and Women

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I have found the
perfect gift items - ones that are great for both men and women: Jord

Jord wood watches are beautiful, unique, and of great quality.

Today, I am sharing photos of my second Jord watch.  I wore the watch
with a new, colorful jumpsuit, while on vacation with Vaughan.  We
were celebrating our anniversary, and, even though it was January, the
weather was mild in North and South Carolina.  My Jord watch went
great with the bright colors of the jumpsuit.

My favorite thing about this watch is the beautiful green face.

For my first Jord watch, I selected a light color of wood.  This
time, I chose a darker wood band, with a dark, jade colored face.
Jord time pieces are usually made of the usual materials you would
expect to find in a watch, such as metal and crystal; the bands and
housing are wooden.  I say "usually," because some Jord watches have
wooden faces.

I love that Jord watches are perfect for all seasons; there is just
something so natural about wood that it's a timeless, season-less
material!  You might think that a collection of wooden watches would
be boring, but Jord produces a wide variety of watches.  They have
men's watches, and women's watches.  They have several series of
watches, including Meridian, Cassia, Dover, Hyde, Conway, Sawyer, Cora, 
Frankie, Reece, Delmar, and Fieldcrest.

Colors vary widely, from light maple wood to black.  One watch is even
PINK!  Some woods have natural tiger stripe or swirly patterns,
depending on the type of wood used.  Others tend to appear more
"solid" in color.

Jord has many lovely options, including personalized watches for
him/her.  There's something for every taste, which is why Jord wood
watches make perfect gifts.

My watch came in a fabulous wood case for storage.  The Case has a
small drawer in the bottom where I store my watch accessories, such as
the tool kit I use to add or remove (usually remove) links from watch
bands because my wrists are so slender.

Another thing I like about Jord watches is that, considering their
quality and uniqueness, they are inexpensive, ranging in prices from
$139 to $429.

Right now, Jord is also having a giveaway, so be sure to enter at

The giveaway will close 02/11/2018 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the
10% gift codes will expire on Feb 25, 2018.

Luxury Wooden Watch

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