Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Best Choice Products Glass Bar Review

This bar, by Best Choice Products, makes a nice bookshelf and TV stand as well as a bar. 

It arrived in three boxes.  The heaviest box contained three boards; the next heaviest, two glass shelves; the smallest, most ligthtweight, various small parts and tools, including three long metal rods with threads at both ends.  Also included are two pages of diagrams in lieu of instructions, printed in black on two 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheets of paper - one page per sheet, for a total of two pages, stapled together in one corner.  These diagrams show how many of each small part and tool are included, the the various stages, in order, of assembly.  There was also a small packet of screws which were not shown in any of the diagrams, and do not seem to serve any purpose with relation to the assembly of this bar.

It took me about twenty minutes to unpack all of the parts.  Then it took me and my husband about an hour to assemble the parts.

Be careful not to tighten any of the three metal rods too much.  I made this mistake twice.  The first time, I tighted one of the rods until it punctured the top of the bar, marring the surface of the black enameled  bar which I might have liked to leave perfectly smooth.  The second time, I tightened another of the rods until I "ringed" it, as my father says, which means the rod snapped into two pieces, reducing the structural integrity of the fully assembled bar.  I would probably have avoided over-tightening the rods if there had been a written warning in the instructions, instead of just illustrations and diagrams.

I strongly recommend having two people work together to assemble this bar.  The two glass shelves seem particularly dangerous and difficult to balance.

Although an Allen wrench and another special tool are included to tighten certain special bolts, I found that I needed to use one of my own Phillips screwdrivers, which was not included, to fasten ten screws in place.  Regrettably, I also chose to use a pair of vise grips to tighten the three rods mentioned above.

Inspite of the difficulties I encountered while assembling this bar, my husband and I were able to turn it right side up (after assembling upside down, as per the diagrams in the instructions), and move it across the room to the corner where I intend to use it as a TV stand, and it seems sturdy enough to hold normal objects such as glasses and decanters, which people would normally place on their bars.

Best Choice Products Glass Bar Review

Best Choice Products Glass Bar Review

Best Choice Products Glass Bar Review

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