Sunday, September 10, 2017

Green Lace Up Sweater and Minos Moka Coffee Pot

This sweater fits me very well as an oversized item.  It is very comfortable, and I think I have worn it every day since it arrived in the mail.  I was a little concerned that the lace up back would allow air to make me feel colder, but I have not noticed that to be the case at all.  I love the olive green color, I think it makes this so perfect for a fall sweater.

This sweater is $24.99 and comes in several other colors.

Sweater Coco Fashion

Green Lace Up Sweater and Minos Moka Coffee Pot

This coffee pot by Minos is made of shiny, stainless steel, and, with its rounded contours, looks very modern and attractive.
It comes with a palm-sized, eight-page instruction booklet in English and Chinese, printed on card stock paper, with twelve excellent, full color photos for illustrations. 
However, this device is so simple to operate, that most people could probably figure out how to use this device in a few minutes.  The most important part of the instructions are the warnings. 
For example, DO NOT over fill the lower chamber with water, so as to immerse the escape valve; when heated, this device is essentially a pressure cooker, which can explode.

The worst thing about this device is that the handle is metal.  Even by following the instructions and placing the handle over a part of the stovetop or hot plate that is not heated heats this metal handle until it is unpleasant to touch, which is why I'm docking it one star.

Cheaper, plastic, electronic coffee makers are simpler and safer to use, but this device is for the hard core coffee ritualist, and more attractive in photographs.

Coffee Pot Minos

Green Lace Up Sweater and Minos Moka Coffee Pot

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