Sunday, September 17, 2017

Best Choice Products Nail Head Chair Set Review

These chairs by Best Choice Products come in pairs, and take fifteen to twenty minutes each to assemble (about half an hour per pair).

They come with two Allen wrenches, and nine bolts per chair - five long, five short, plus two washers of different types per bolt. It took me about twenty minutes to assemble the first chair, and an additional ten minutes to assemble the other, with a little assistance from my husband. 

Each pair of chairs comes with a page of instructions (one side of one 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet).  The instructions are a series of illustrations.  The first illustration is a list of parts labeled "A" through "E" - "E" being an Allen wrench.

Once assembled, the chairs seems sturdy and ergonomic, for a man of average height, such as my husband.

One unusual thing about these chairs is that they have a hidden compartment under the seat.  A piece of black canvas is fastened to the rim on the under side of the seat with hooks and mesh.  In addition to the springs, straps are attached to the under side of the seat, which can be used to hold items such as envelopes.

Another ideal aspect of these chairs is that they are light enough to lift with one hand.  I was astonished by how light they were.

I recommend these chairs to anyone who needs extremely lightweight yet elegant, armless chairs, and doesn't mind a little bit of required assembly.

Best Choice Products Nail Head Chair Set Review

Best Choice Products Nail Head Chair Set Review

I am wearing this color-block sweater in a size small.  The fit is perfect.  The fabric is very lightweight, and perfect for a mild day when you just need a little extra warm to keep the chill away.
I really like this color combination, but there are also two others combos available!

This sweater is $15.59.

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