Thursday, August 31, 2017

Red Chiffon Blouse

I ordered this top in a size small. The fit is very good. It is loose, and relaxed, which is perfect for when i want to do some relaxing of my own at brands such as   The top is more like a tunic in length. The fabric feels nice,and it more of a dressy chiffon fabric. Since this top is so long, it would be better for tucking into longer, looser skirts. I think to tuck these into pants would make it too bunched in appearance. This top would be great with leggings, though I wore mine the first time with a mini skirt.

This top s $16.99 and also comes in light blue, and blue. 

 Red Chiffon Blouse

Red Chiffon Blouse

 I am very happy with these double tassel earrings.  I do not have pierced ears, so I switched them to clips myself.  I love how lightweight these are, and how dramatic they look with my outfits.  These really seem well made, and not cheap at all.  I bought mine in the green color, and I love how well it goes with so many of my pretty summer colors, too!

These earrings are $9.99 and also comes in black and pink.
Earrings Eternity J

I ordered this ring in a size 7 since that was the smallest size available. I can wear it on my right ring finger, but it's too large or small for anything else. The ring is smooth, with not snagging metal, and seems to be well made. This is a beautiful ring to wear for everyday, or special occasions. I like that the ring is so wide, it really makes more of a statement just because of it's size that way.

Ring Newbark

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