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Curtain Shopping Tips

Curtain Shopping Tips
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Having fairly recently bought a new home, I know that curtain shopping can be a headache! We’d all rather be having fun playing at websites like this one.  After getting along for awhile with thumbtacks and sheets, there comes the time when you want to find something more permanent, and pretty!  For now, I am finally done with my own shopping, but I have decided to share a few tips, and pretty choices of contemporary curtains from High End Curtain

First off, before any real shopping you need to take lots and lots of measurements!  You want to make absolutely sure you get just the right width, and length.  Also, take into consideration how much drape and fullness you want.  Make sure to add and account for that when taking final measurements!

Next, you will need to decide on the type of fabric that best suits you, your decor, and your needs.  For instance, do you work the night shift?  Then you will probably want to consider blackout curtains to make sure you won't be waking up to full sunlight before you want to.  I, for instance, like it to be very dark when I sleep, so I like to block as much light as possible.  Some thermal curtains are also made of a thicker, more air resistant fabric that can be good for blocking drafts in homes with older, less energy efficient windows.

Do you like lots of light?  Perhaps you are comfortable with just using sheers, or would like a double curtain system with both sheers and regular curtains over them so you can enjoy as much daylight as possible, while still having some privacy.

The length or even width of your actual windows does not have to determine the length and width of the curtains you use.  Some people think that using curtains that reach from ceiling to floor create the illusion of higher ceilings.  Perhaps this an effect you desire.  Are your windows a little on the small side?  Maybe consider extending the rod/width to cover more wall space and create the look of a much larger, more dramatic window.

In my home, I have three windows in a row in my living room, but I chose to use a long rod to create the look of one, larger window.

If you are really into the formal, dramatic look, you may also want to consider extras like swags, which can give an added elegance to your home, but will also add more to your costs.

Some final advice:  Take your time and really think about your needs, and the look you are going for, and, most important of all, find something you love, that will bring you joy everyday that you look at it, because you could be looking at the same curtains for quite some time!

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