Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Srander Rose-Gold Sunglasses


I love these sunglasses!  I own a LOT of sunglasses, and these Srander shades are by far the most unique.  The lenses themselves are actually kind of curved on the corners, and the mirrored effect is gorgeous!  I chose the pink pair, which is a rose-gold pink. They have several other gorgeous options, as well! The glasses came in a box, in a plastic zip bag, and with a cloth bag and cleaning cloth.  I actually prefer a cloth bag usually because it fits easier into my purse.  I love these glasses so much though, that I think I will bother to use a hard case with them. 

I thought my new glasses went great with my print maxi, and and my rose-gold sandals.  I am still enjoying wearing all my summer clothes while it's still this hot in Virginia!

How about you, is it cold where you're at now, or, are you still enjoying the heat?

Sunglasses Srander
Dress Shui Si Qing
Bag Ifchic
Shoes Carolina Bay

Srander Rose-Gold Sunglasses

Srander Rose-Gold Sunglasses

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