Sunday, August 21, 2016

Product Review Roundup 8/21


Recon Gear Backpack
This olive drab green backpack by RG (Recon Gear) made an ideal gift for my husband.  He loves the color and the military look and feel.

It has several design features just like the ones on the gear he took to Afghanistan and Iraq.  It has rows and rows of straps on the back and sides (the back being away from the back of the person wearing it), for innumerable attachments suck as compatible pouches/fannypacks, flashlights, knives, etc.  It has the same adjustable straps, handles, and D-rings...

One thing this pack has that he wishes his rucksacks would have had are built-in, extra breathable kidney pads!

This pack is smaller than any of the rucksacks he used in the military, but it's ideal for short road trips.  It would make an excellent carry-on for commercial flights.

Besides the main compartment, it has two exterior compartments - one smaller and one larger.  The larger one is about the size of a purse, and the smaller one about the size of a large coin purse, ideal for a person hygiene kit, with toothpaste and -brush, and a can of shaving cream and a razor, toenail clippers and a comb - on the off chance his hair ever grew long enough to comb.  The larger compartment has a strap with a lobster claw for keys, and several tiny compartments for pens, thumb drives, and a wallet.

The main compartment has two compartment, one with a zipper and one without.  The one without might make a good compartment for trash, or electronic cables, and the one with the zipper is ideal for his phablet.

This is now his official travel bag!

This straightening iron feels great to handle!  It's so sleek and thin, I think this is my favorite iron, yet!  The color and design is beautiful.  It features an on and off switch, and heat selection up to 450 degrees.  It's shows it's current temperature as it's heating up!  I've never used an iron with that feature before, but I love it!  The iron did a good job of straightening my hair. I have very frizzy hair, so it's hard to keep it straight even for a few minutes, especially when it's raining or humid like it was the day I used the iron for the first time.

IHome Compact USB Keyboard
This keyboard is smaller than a normal-sized keyboard.  It's about 12 inches by 6 inches by a half inch thick.  It's also very light weight.  It plugs into a USB port.

My husband uses it because the [p] key on his laptop computer tends not to work, and his desk is so small and cluttered that he doesn't have room for a full-sized keyboard.

The only thing he hates about this keyboard is that the left [Shift] key is too narrow, so he often types a back slash and a lower case letter when he intends to type a capital letter, since he types with all ten fingers, usually without looking at the keyboard.

This hammock is so lightweight, yet strong.  It's very comfortable to rest in, and did not take long to  put up.  The colors are very pretty, too!
This is the perfect camping hammock because of how lightweight it is, but it would also be great left hanging in your yard, too.  

This cushion really does hep to make long car rides more comfortable for me.  It also adds a little boost if you're short, like me.  They are also great to use for home, at a desk.  I had a hard, wooden desk chair until just lately and this cushion was a life-saver! 

Bella Vino White Wine Glasses
These glasses are so beautiful and delicate!   They are made from lead-free crystal, which allows them to be dishwasher safe!  I can't believe something so fine and thin can be placed in a dishwasher! I wash mine by hand, but I can say I have never felt anything so thin in my life.  I guess I had never owned real crystal before these.   Really thin glass like these make my husband and I nervous to be around, but I will be saving these for special occasions, anyway.

This little solar light is very bright!  It was super easy to install one screw was is all it needs, and it comes with that.  My parents and I have these all round our homes, and they are so useful.  It's nice to have a little welcome light waiting for you when you get home in the dark.

I really enjoyed drinking from these glasses, they are so elegant and beautiful.  I love every piece of the Bella Vino collection!  The stems of these glasses are longer and thinner than any other I own.  These glasses are also lead-free and dishwasher safe.  I like having that option, even though I prefer to wash them by hand.

CacheAlaska® Beanie
First of all, I believe this is one of the better quality beanies I have ever owned. I have a large head for a girl, so I was expecting this to be too small for me, as usual. I was so happy to see that is stretches very well, and it has plenty of room to pull it down over my ears! I am really looking forward to staying warm with this in the winter!

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