Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Product Review Roundup 8/16


Stainless Steal Tea Infuser and Strainer
This stainless steel tea infuser makes infusing tea simple. You rest the infuser on the mouth of a tea cup or tea pot, place your desired tea leaves, bag or coffee grounds in it, and pour hot water into it. When the water is infused with the tea or grounds, remove it and set it on the cap that comes with it.

Both the cap and the infuser have rubber rims to prevent you from burning yourself as you handle them.

The infuser is stainless steel with microphones.  It is dishwasher safe, and rust resistant, but can easily be rinsed by hand.
This made an ideal gift for my mother who always keeps a pitcher of tea in her refrigerator.

Creative Scents Square Tissue Holder
This is one of the most beautiful tissue boxes I've ever owned! It's gorgeous, glamorous, and goes perfectly with my decor. I don't think I have ever seen a box that was not just a cover. The has a sliding bottom "door" that will keep the tissue box in place if you want to move it to another table, etc. I think this was a simple, but brilliant idea! I always hated how you'd go to grab a tissue box to move it and just the cover would come off, leaving the actual box of tissues behind. This sliding door takes care of that problem!

Cel-Lab Activity Tracker Band
This band is adjustable to fit most anyone.  It's comfortable and is a great tool to have when you're trying to loose weight/stay healthy.   I love the fact the you can wear this thing straight into the shower after working out!  It's totally waterproof!  I'm very excited to see if I can reach my fitness goals with this new band!

Meterteck MT-001 Digital Multimeter - Voltmeter
My dad and I are very happy to be using this for some electrical projects we're working on.  If you plan on doing anything with wiring, you should have one of these.  They can really be a life-saver.  My dad had been using a different, cheaper one of these meters, and this one feels much higher quality and heavy-duty than the other. 

50ft Hosezzle - 50ft Expandable Hose Nozzle
I have been wanting to try one of these hoses for years.  It is a cool as I hoped it was!  This is really great for someone like me that has back problems.  It's so much lighter to carry and handle than a regular hose that can weigh a lot!  This really is the perfect solution!  That's not even getting into the ease of storing options with a hose that takes up a fraction of the space that a traditional rubber hose does.   This product is a winner!

This mask is very soft, and much more comfortable than a lot of others I have tried.  One huge plus is the wide, adjustable band.  I have a larger head than most girls, and if I wear something around my head that's too tight, I'll get a bad headache.   The gel mask included fits inside the sleep mask for refreshing, cooling rest for your eyes.  The included ear plugs are nice, too.

Premium Crystal Champagne Flutes by Bella Vino 
These gorgeous glasses feel as light as air in my hand.  These are the most elegant champagne glasses I've owned.  They have a longer stem it seems than my previous glasses.  These would make a wonderful gift for a wedding or anniversary, but my husband and I use them for just the two of us to celebrate different occasions at home.

Charcoal Teeth Powder with Sage by Moody Zook 
It's still too early to tell if this powder is brightening my teeth, but I will share some of my experience so far.  It's a little odd to put black stuff on your teeth to whiten them, so that itself take some getting used to.  I add a touch of power to my toothbrush so I don't really notice any different taste.  I think using just a pinch at a time as the directions suggest, this powder will last a long time.

Tranquility Essential Oils for Anxiety & Stress Relief
This oil has a very pleasant scent.  I am new to the use of essential oils, but I am curious to see the results of using these oils for different things.  So far, I enjoy the oils like I would any other fragrance.   These Phytopia oils come in a beautiful cloth bag, inside a pretty box.  They are very beautifully packaged.

This exfoliation scrub, tradmarked Herbal Choice Mari has replaced Saint Ives' Apricot Scrub as my husband's favorite!  Not because he could care less about "green," non-GMO, or organic products such as this, in general, either...

He likes this scrub because it's so fragrant, granulated, and sticky.  It reminds him of molasses.  Apparently, he has been fond of molasses since he was a child.  He likes dark beers made with molasses, too.

Perhaps this scrub seems more manly to my husband because it's dark.  It's made with numerous, natural ingredients, including brown sugar, sea salt, olive oil, orange oil, shea butter, and grape seed powder.

It comes in a 125 gram (4.4 ounce) glass jar, about the size of a baseball, only cylindrical, which he intends to use as a double shot glass.

Heka Living Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier
This essential oil Diffuser by Heka Living makes an excellent night light!  Neither my husband nor I are not very impressed with its oil diffusing, as far as the scent, but we enjoy the night light, even when it's off; the digital clock is a set of shing, white dots that cause the entire plastic orb to glow. It also has a bright and a dim light setting, which are not significantly different.

This Diffuser comes with a brief instruction booklet, with explanations that aren't very detailed, but between the diagrams and instructions, combined with the simplicity of the device, my husband was able to set the clock and start diffusing oil in a matter of moments.

It can be set to diffuse oil for thirty minutes, or one , two, or three hours. The night light clock stays on as long as it's plugged in, and remembers the time when it's plugged back in.

Although a steady stream of mist pours out of this device when the mister is turned on, we can't smell it from the edge of the table it's sitting on.  If we place our noses in the mist, we can barely smell it. This may have more to do with the oil we're using, or the ratio of oil to water.

I have just started taking Neuroignite to help improve my memory and focus. I don't kow about you, but these are all things I could use improvement on!  

Right now, you can save $10, making the price just $5! Check out their website to find out more!
Neuroignite is a supplement that claims to help with mental clarity, focus and memory.  Remember, I'm not a doctor, so check with your healthcare provider before starting any new diet or exercise program! 

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