Sunday, August 14, 2016

Product Review Roundup 8/14


This EV Beauty hair straightener worked great, especially considering how humid it was while I was in the process of using the iron.

I've used a lot of different irons, but I must say, the feel of this one in my hand just felt better than any of the others I've tried.  The on and off switch and heat settings are in between in the plates of the iron.  It seemed a little odd to me at first, but I think that's actually a good design because I have used others where the buttons where on the outside and I kept feeling like I was accidently changing the settings while I was using the iron. 

The EV Beauty straight iron comes in a beautiful, sleek black box, but includes no other carrying pouch. 

This is one of the more unique items I've used.  This air bed requires no air pump to inflate, you just "catch" air in the two sides of the bed.  As someone with a "bad" back, I don't think I'd want to sleep on this thing, but I do still think it's pretty cool.  I think it is better for lounging than actually sleeping, but then again, I know some people like to sleep in hammocks, which I think is similar.  I think this would be much more comfortable than sitting on the hard ground for a camping trip, etc.  It is a little hard to get on and off of, I nearly feel backwards trying to get myself out of it.  My husband tried it out and said he found it pretty comfortable.  I found it very hard to roll the end tight enough to get the bed tight enough to be comfortable for me.

All that being said, this is a pretty ingenious item, and I like that no air pump is required to inflate it.

This item is for the serious food decorator!  If you're not, then I think the hassle of buying the nitrous oxide is too much trouble.   

This dispenser itself has a nice and solid feel to it, and it's easy to hold and use.  The box included a few recipes for different types and whipped cream, which was nice.

This organic facial wash has a nice scent.  It does not lather as much as I am used to, but I think that's a pretty good trade-off considering it's also missing a lot of harsh chemicals other brands have.  I believe this pump bottle is glass, because it feels very heavy and solid.  I suppose it can even be re-filled and reused, which is also pretty cool.

These LED bulbs look just as nice as the original. At first my mother and I were skeptical that these LED bulbs would look as beautiful as the regular type of bulbs we are used to, but these look great!  You can't even tell they are anything different.  I have them in my chandelier with the original style, and they blend perfectly.

These gloves are unlike most in that they have a soft lining, this helps in slipping them on an off, so your hand does not tend to get stuck to the silicone.  These gloves really do work just like, or better than old-fashioned cloth mitts.   They fit most hand, and feels comfortable to use.

Iced Tea Pitcher
This pitcher holds 2.3 quarts - more than a half gallon, yet seems to take up less space in our refrigerator than half gallon containers of milk or juice.  It can be laid on its side without spilling its liquid contents.

It has a lid which, besides being waterproof, can be unscrewed, with a filter which can be unscrewed from the bottom of the lid.  You can place loose tea leaves, bags, powder, etc. in the filter, and pour boiling water into the pitcher, to prepare tea.

Although it's plastic, this picture is elegant enough for most occasions

Opul Charcoal Air Freshener
This is a fist-sized, burlap bag by Opul, which is full of charcoal to naturally purify the air around it.  Charcoal is what the U.S. military uses in its chemical and biological protective suits.  It doesn't seem to do anything; it is virtually odorless, but it purifies the air around it, and eliminates odors.  But the pretty, burlap bag can be used to decorate a table or desktop, or may be hidden under a couch, or tucked into a refrigerator like a box of Arm and Hammer baking soda.  Either way, it's doing its job.

Just the box alone that this EV styling tool came in is beautiful.  I think I will be keeping mine to store the curling iron in when I'm not using it. This wand came with a glove to protect your hand while styling, but I chose not to use it because I like to feel with my unclothed hand.   I created these loose, bouncy curls and waves using the EV Beauty curling wand.  I am very happy with the results!  This wand does not come with any heat adjustment, so you just have to trust it.  I think I would still rather have full control, but then again, since my hair came out great, maybe it's not so important.  One thing I really loved about this wand is that it felt light-as-a-feather in my hand! 

The design is so smooth and sleek, my hair didn't have place to get snagged and pull like is usually does with most styling irons.

iForaa 8 Led Book Reading Lamp
This lamp is actually two lamps in one.  It is a black, plastic clip, similar to a clothespin, with two flexible, black antennae sticking out of it, and a USB cable dangling from it.  LED lights are at the end of each antenna.

The cable is for recharging it.  It only takes an hour and a half to fully charge it, and a full charge lasts ten hours.  My husband just leaves it plugged in on his desktop, clipped to the flat screen television he uses as a monitor for his laptop computer.

Each antenna has a button on the back of the LED to cycle through bright, brighter and off.  The antenna are very flexible, yet stiff, so you can bend and twist them in any direction, and they stay there.

This lamp is the most lightweight and versatile lamp we have ever owned!

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