Saturday, July 23, 2016

intelliGLASS Screen Protector

This intelliGLASS screen protector is actually made of glass - an ultra-thin sheet of glass.

This protector was very easy to apply, and left no bubbles on my screen.  The screen was still crystal clear, and the touch response was the same.  Once applied, you could not even tell it was there.

It's pretty crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone and not take steps to preserve and protect it.

Most of the intelliGLASS protectors are under $11.00.

These protectors have an "oleophobic" coating, meaning it resists oils and smudges.

Once applied to your phone, intelliGLASS is super strong and scratch resistant.  Since this product is actual glass, please do take care when handling it until you have it applied to your phone.  Once applied, the intelliGLASS should absorb the impact of a drop, and preserve your phone's actual screen, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in a replacement screen or phone.

Each intelliGLASS kit comes with a protector, touch screen cleaner, dust removal tape, and a microfiber cloth.

I was very impressed with the clarity, quality, and ease of application of this product.  $10.95 is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that having screen protection provides.
And to make the price even better, intelliGLASS has provided me with this special discount code for 20% off! : INTELLI20

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