Friday, December 27, 2013


I wore this outfit to a dance audition, and throughout the day I received 5 compliments on the leggings!  They are one of my favorite southwestern prints I have bought this year.  I am mixing some crazy prints here, but it must have worked, because I booked the job!  The coral necklace goes well with the colors in the blouse and leggings.  It was a purchase from Ebay.  I have been wanting some coral pieces for a long time but have no luck finding anything in stores, so I took my search to Ebay with great results.  I found several beautiful necklaces at crazy-low prices.  Ebay is a great place to look for something you have had no luck finding in stores. Later this same day, I went to the Santa Monica pier and took some photos.  You can see the beautiful lights of the Ferris wheel behind me. 

Coral necklace from Ebay
Jacket by Fora
Blouse by Derek Heart
 Leggings by Silver
Shoes by Aerosoles

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