Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hollywood Pasta Company: Update

Monday was the date of my hearing in labor court for my claim of unpaid wages when I worked at an Oscar gifting suite last February.   The other party did not even show, and I was told the judgement will be in my favor!  I am happy to finally get a little justice!  Of course, this is not the end of it, just yet.  They defendant can chose to appeal, and also, I may never collect the money I am owed, but, it's a start.

If you have worked for someone and were not paid what you are owed, I urge you to take your complaint to the labor department in the state you are in.  If there's a chance they can do something to help you, you should let them know what has happened.  Making your complaints online isn't going to help like making a case with the government will.

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