Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Foster Grant Sunglasses

While I was waiting to check out at the 99 Cent Only store, I saw a display of sunglasses and took a look.  That's when I found these Foster Grant sunglasses.

I'm always losing or leaving my sunglasses at home when I need them, so I've started collecting them in home of never being without them.
I now have a dozen or so pairs, a lot of which are Foster Grants.  I happened to find these, and others for just $1.00 at the 99 Cent Only store.

When I went with Vaughan to his classes reunion in 2011, I won a pair of sunglasses that were polarized.
I am not sure if I lost them, or if they were stolen, but I realized one day I didn't have them anymore, and I was pretty sad since they were some of them nicest glasses I'd ever had.
I was very happy to be able to find polarized sunglasses for just $1.00, and also that were a name brand!  



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