Friday, January 4, 2013

Bulgattie & Co. promo

I was cast as a lead actress in an online promo for Bulgattie & Co, a jewelry store based out of Tampa.
The shoot was this past Saturday in Tarzana.
I arrived in Tarzana early for my 11:15 am call-time and then I received a text from the producer saying my male co-star had flaked, so the shoot was being pushed to 12:00 pm.

My husband, Vaughan, suggested I let them know he was available so I did and they decided to use him for another promo they were going to shoot later in the day.  He was replacing the anchorman role.

We located a 99 Cent Only store and  bought a shirt, tie, shaving cream and razors so he could get ready for his part.  He' worn a suit jacket but with a t-shirt, no tie, and he had not shaven that morning.

Our car ran hot, and we had to wait a while and add water before we could leave to get back to the shoot location.  We made it there, but a few minutes late.

Our co-star for the shoot was Miguel A. Nunez Jr., of Juwanna Mann fame, among others!

It was fantastic to have that opportunity, and I'm really thankful to have been accepted for the role!
After my promo had been filmed, I waited with Vaughan until his was shoot.  In the meantime, I worked as the boom operator!  One of my first crew jobs :p  That was pretty cool.

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