Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yard sale, not such a fail

On today, my third wedding anniversary, I decided to do the unromantic thing of having yet another yard sale.
The weather was much better today and I actually ended up doing a lot better than yesterday, woo hoo!
Still not selling many of my clothes, and I think I found out what the problem is...several costumers told me they were beautiful, but too small for them.
It's to my disadvantage in this case to be so much smaller than the average female.

It's a little uncomfortable for me to deal with the public, but I realize more and more I like being my own boss.
The work I do that I dislike most is audience, where you are paid to sit and watch various talk shows.
I suppose it sounds like fun, but it gets annoying being told to sit down, and when you can use the restroom, among other things.
I'd rather have a yard sale and make the same amount.

I still managed to have a happy anniversary, even with the yard sale :)
Three years!

An anniversary gift from my mother, Frances

An anniversary toast!

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