Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nightmare in Torrance, CA

Just another day in the life of the most unlucky girl in the world...
Okay, I suppose that's not really true, but sometimes it sure feels like it.
It all began on a sunny, beautiful, southern California day, March 28th, 2011. Yesterday!
I was notified by email last week that an industrial I worked on in December of last year needed
me for voice-over pickups March 28th. No further pay was mentioned, but I was willing to do the
job anyway, because I did not like the idea of anyone else completing the work I started.
My husband, Vaughan, decided to come with me, since I assumed it would not take long, and we
intended to go shopping together when I was done.
The pickups were to be done at a home studio location in Torrance, California. We got there a few
minutes early and decided to park two houses down the street, under the shade of a tree. Not long
after we parked, not one, but two cars arrived at the house we were parked in front of. I noticed
someone standing around outside these cars, and assumed they were bringing things in from shopping.
I put away my laptop, which I had been using, did last minute checks of my makeup, leaned over to
give my husband a quick kiss, and got out of the car.
As soon as I stepped out, the old woman who had been standing in the driveway asked me, "Are you
waiting for someone?"
I answered, "Yes!" and walked to the home I had the pickups in. I was annoyed at being asked a
question like that by some nosy woman in the first place, but I tried to forget about it as I
headed for work.
The actual voice over pickup took just a few minutes!
I was asked to read more lines as a sort of impromptu audition for future work, and I was paid
for my time! I was feeling pretty good as I left.
We were a few blocks away, heading for Walmart, when we passed a Torrance, CA police car. My
husband said the police officer was probably looking for us, since he'd seen the old woman on
her cell phone as I walked away, after she questioned me, and the cop was making a u-turn behind
us. He was right. The cop pulled us over.
The Torrence officer came up and asked how we were doing today, Vaughan said, "Pretty good until
you showed up!"
The officer stated something to the effect they were called because the woman whose house we were
parked in front of thought there may have been some sort of "domestic" situation going on.
I was thinking that I should not be so mad at the woman if she thought I was being harmed in some
way, though of course, there was nothing going on that should have given her reason to think so.
We explained our business there to the officer and he actually asked me for a business card.
Although I don't usually have them with me, I found one in my purse, and gave it to him.
We were kept on the side of the road like criminals for about twenty minutes, until the cop
were satisfied we weren't up to no good.
I was pretty upset anyway, but right as the cop was handing my husband our ID's, and telling us
we were free to go, the also said something about "sexual activity" being the reason the woman
Oh great, I thought, so they're calling me a PROSTITUTE! And I am supposed to have a dandy day,
and go on as if nothing happened? "Yes, lady, you look like a whore, have a nice day now!" Just
the thing every woman wants to hear, or be told! Yes, something about you looks so much like a
whore that the police are actually called on you and you are kept on the side of the street for
twenty minuites like a criminal, just because some hag wants to know all your business and does
not like you parking on a PUBLIC street in front of her house for about ten minutes!!
Yes, just how I envisioned my day going!
After that, I was too upset to go about my day as if nothing happened, so we went to the
Torrance Police Department to make a complaint about how the officer handled the situation.
We told the Watch Commander the officer should have shown a little more concern when I told him
how I was sexually assaulted in the past, and the police did nothing to help me, so it
bothers me when people imply I am a PROSTITUTE! Instead, he said, "Yeah, but I didn't have
anything to do with that."
Where's the sensitivity training???
At least the Watch Commander agreed that the officer we spoke with should have been more sensitive,
and said that he'd have a talk with him.
All in all, it took two hours of our time - two hours of our life that Vaughan and I will never see
The Watch Commander also said that the orginal call was about suspected sexual activity, which
tells me the old bat is a bold-faced, vicious LIAR, and just called the police on us because she
did not want anyone parked on the street in front of her house!
This makes the worst of several times that my husband and I have drawn attention to ourselves for
what I beleieve is just because of our age difference. Also, because I like to wear pretty clothes
which must make some think I am a prostitute. It really makes me feel like I am being persecuted
just because of who I am with, and the clothes I wear, or how my hair or body looks, which I can't
do much to change!
Moral lessons here: Don't be a busybody, and mind your own business!!!

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  1. the only way someone else can drive you crazy, is if you give them the keys. :) anywho... i've been working on a new surf song and have benn watching your hawaii hula videos (i found your blog through the youtube page) for inspiration...i love the way you move, and I adore the flowers and how you dress... the natural back ground. you're amazing. like a dream