Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Best Choice Products Porch Swing Review

A porch swing is something that I have always wanted, so this new, black, light-weight metal version by Best Choice Products is a dream come true!

Assembly is required, and it comes with a couple wrenches just special for the job.  It also comes with a one-page, 8 1/2 x 11" diagram, with a list of parts at the top, and several instructions at the bottom.  The diagram was difficult to read, but the step-by-step instructions helped us know which parts needed to be fastened together in order.  I also needed a screw driver, to tighten some of the bolts, and a drill to fasten the swing to the ceiling of our back porch.  It took me, my father, and my husband almost a half hour to unpack and assemble the parts for the swing.  My husband was able to lift the entire swing, when assembled, over his head, and carry it around the house.  Then, it took me and my father about a half hour to fasten it to the ceiling of our back porch - almost an hour total, but it was an hour well spent!

Everyone in my family loves swinging on it.  Some of them weigh more than two hundred pounds, but they swing on it with me, so it seems to be able to support more than three hundred pounds.  My father made sure to screw the top hooks into studs in the ceiling.  Two adults can sit comfortably, beside each other, on it.

Please note: It is very important to screw the top hooks into studs in a ceiling which are capable of supporting the weight of the people who sit in the swing.

Best Choice Products Porch Swing Review

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