Saturday, May 13, 2017

Meaneor Dresses...and More

Today I am sharing a huge fashion haul!  

 I just love how comfortable this jumpsuit is!  I am wearing a size large, and the fit is actually perfect!  I am so thrilled that the legs did not need to be hemmed, which is amazing since I am only 5'2"!   The fabric resists wrinkles, making this a perfect piece for travel.  I love that there are so many ways to dress this jumpsuit up or down.  I'm going to have fun changing out the belt for ones of different colors, etc.  This would also look so cute with flat sandals for a casual look.

 At only $26.99, this is a great deal!  Oh, and it also comes in blue!

Suit Meaneor

Besides the beautiful blue stone, I just love the adorable, tiny owl on this pendant!  The necklace came in a beautiful white and gold box, and is very well made. The own is the Owl of Minerva.  I thought this was a great necklace for me since I actually played Minerva at a special event once.

Necklace J Nina

This sequin jacket is so glamorous!
 I ordered mine in a size small.  It does not exactly meet in the middle, but since there is not hook or closure, I don't really mind.  This is something I would most likely wear over a dress when I go out to dinner, since I always get so cold in restaurants.

Jacket HaoDuoYi

This dress is so slinky soft!  I ordered mine in a size medium, and it fits great in the hips, though it could have been tighter in the bust.  I pinned mine a little tighter to get it to stay up.  I love the length, and the mesh design down the front of this dress.

This dress is just $20.99, and it also come in blue, and wine red.

Dress Meaneor

Meaneor Dresses

Meaneor Dresses

The coolest thing about this dress is the awesome print!  It also comes in in blue, and orange background.  The hood makes this extra unique.  The fabric is nice and stretchy.  The length is great, too.  Not too long, not too short.

I am wearing a size medium, by the way.  The price is just $18.99!

Dress Meaneor

This lace dress has such a cute's my favorite part!  The tiny bell sleeves are also sweet, and the lace is so pretty, and soft.  This dress has a side zipper, but I did not even need to use it because the fabric is so stretchy.    This dress also comes in black lace!

I am wearing a size medium.  The price? $24.49.

Dress Meaneor

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