Sunday, May 14, 2017

Acevog Dresses for Spring & Summer

I just love this dress!  First of all, I am a fan of pink and black together.  The lacy details down the sides make this dress slimming, and flattering.  I am wearing a size small, and the fit is very good.  The fabric is thick, and good quality, is also has decent stretch. The dress has a long zipper running up the back.  This dress seems to resist wrinkles, which I'm always on the lookout for.  This dress also comes in red, and blue.  I want them all!  I really am a huge fan of this dress.  It's gong to be so pretty for spring, and summer.  I can't believe the price, it's just $22.99 and such a fantastic deal!

 Dress Acevog

My husband is a big fan of this dress.  He loves designs that are simple.  This dress is pretty simple, others than the extra straps that tie on the shoulders.  I find them a little odd, so I may end up just removing them because I think the dress is really great without them, anyway.  I am wearing a size small, and the fit is perfect!  I was a little worried it was going to be too big in the bust, but it's not.  The v-neck it the perfect depth, and the length of the dress is good for my height (5'2"), though if you are much taller, you may find it a little short.

This dress also comes in black, and wine red, and it's just $21.59!

Dress Acevog

My favorite thing about this dress is the adorable, full skirt.  The length is perfect on me, too.  The retro style is so cute, but this also looks great for the modern girl.  The only thing I found a little disappointing is the way the collar set.  The neckline is a little low, which make the collar hang back a little much.  But, I still think the dress is adorable, and worth is price of $26.59.  I am wearing a size small, and the fit was also pretty much perfect.  This dress also comes in black, and wine red.

Dress Acevog

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  1. Love all the looks, Beautiful outfits in all style..I like those fashion trend. Its really amazing.