Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Homecoming Dresses


Today, we're taking a look at some beautiful homecoming dresses from the website has a huge selection of gorgeous gowns, for all different occasions. It took me a long time to narrow down my favorites because there were just too many pretty choices! Dress shopping can be exhausting, but who doesn't love to have more than enough options, right?!

You can see some of their homecoming dresses here.  All of the dresses I have picked out for this post come in sizes 2 to 26!   I just love it when a company has such a broad range of sizes available to their customers!

For today's post, I've picked out some of my favorites to share with you.  These dress are all made-to-order, so if you order today, they will arrive by September 18th, or you can choose to put a rush on your order and receive your new dress within ten days!

Here's one of the beautiful gowns that is in their Under $100.00 selection!  This beautiful, floor length gown is just $99.99!  And the best part is, it comes in more than twenty-five different colors!  I know I would feel like a princess showing up at any formal event in this dress!
This A-line, off-the-shoulder dress also comes in all the aforementioned colors.  I just love the floral and crystal appliques!  This is a darling dress, and the off-the-shoulder look is so "on trend" right now! This gown makes me think of something a modern "southern belle" would wear!

This A-line, organza, ruched dress has a beautiful, belted look around the waist, with beaded, rhinestone detailing.  It would look great paired with a diamond or crystal necklace to add sparkle.  And yes, this dress also comes in the same twenty-five plus color options as the other two dresses above, so you're bound to find something you just love!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ninedaily Tunic and Simlu Maxi Skirt


I ordered a size small in this Ninedaily top, and it fits me perfectly!  The fabric is nice and feels good quality.  The top is long, like a tunic.  It will look great over leggings and skirts.   It's also the perfect color and thickness for fall. I think I will be wearing this with all kinds of different things once the weather gets cool!
The seams and edging make this more interesting than just a regular turtleneck, and way more stylish!

This Simlu maxi skirt is SO soft!  It's incredibly comfortable, and I think it's going to get great for fall.  The skirts comes in lots of different colors, but I chose this olive drab color because I thought it would be the perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe, and it will go with so many things I already have.

Skirt Simlu
Ninedaily Tunic and Simlu Maxi Skirt

Ninedaily Tunic and Simlu Maxi Skirt

Ninedaily Tunic and Simlu Maxi Skirt

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fitglam Retro Swimsuit


This is the first time I've ever owned or worn this style of retro swimsuit set, and I must say, I love it!  The style is actually very flattering, and comfortable.  I ordered a size a size 4/6 set, and the bottoms fit very well, but I think I could have used a size smaller in the bust, so I do wish they had the option of buying different size tops and bottoms.   The quality of this set feels great, and the best part if the set is just $19.95 on Amazon!

Swimsuit Fitglam

Fitglam Retro Swimsuit

Fitglam Retro Swimsuit

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Milumia Dress


This dress is so loose and comfortable!  It's not a style I usually go for, but I really like it.  I wore this on my trip to Jamestown last Thursday because I just knew it would be roomy and comfortable for spending hours in a car.  This would be a perfect dress for fall.  I can also see wearing it over leggings or tights, an with a pair of cute boots!  The fabric doesn't show wrinkles very badly because it's dark, and print, and it steams out very easily.

While in Jamestown, I took some photos of some of the interesting things to see there.  To see even more photos, check out my Facebook page!  I'll be adding even more there, tomorrow!

Dress Milumia

Milumia Dress

Milumia Dress

Milumia Dress

Milumia Dress

The glass blowing house

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Product Review Roundup 8/26

Veeda is a 100% natural feminine care product line that was created by two men that realized there was a need for more natural, chemical -free products in Brazil and beyond.  Veeda's only ingredient is listed as 100% cotton; that means no dyes, no chemicals!  

I really got an education looking through Veeda's FAQ's. There are some scary sounding things in most feminine care products, it seems.  So, it's great to have a 100% natural alternative like Veeda.  I was able to recently test some of their products, and I was pleased to find their pads with wings did a better job protecting from leaks than any other I've used.  They were also very thin, but highly absorbent, and comfortable.

These products my be a little more expensive than you're used to paying, but it's definitely worth checking out!

Auker E925 LED Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker
This tiny speaker is so much fun!  I love the lights that change when you play music, and the sound is very good for such a small device.  I use this speaker in my tiki bar because it goes great with the fun and colorful decor.  There's also enough sound to fill them whole room from this one speaker.  This speaker came with the cables you need for USB charging, and also the audio cable. 

This is a really nice sound quality headphone set.  It's also very pretty with the white and gold details.  It also comes in several other color options.  These headphones work with Iphone and all Android smartphones!  I like the fact they have a built-in microphone so you can take calls!
I have owned several pairs of headphones and I really do think these have the best sound quality of them all.

This beige knapsack by LifeWorks is a combination of military and civilian style.  Earthtoned with black trim, it is somewhat camouflaged.  It has two rows of straps for attachments on one of the outer pockets, one on of the side pockets, and on both of the padded shoulder straps.  It also comes with a dogtag, with the LifeWorks logo, on a chain, very similar to the one my husband wore in the military.

The lower, larger pocket on the back has a strap with a lobster claw, for keys, and several other pouches for pens, pencils, thumb drives, etc.

The smaller, upper pocket on the back is about the size of a small, pants pocket or a large coin purse.

The pocket on one side is long and narrow - about the right size for an extension cord.

The black, mesh pouch on the other side is about the right size for a small bottle of water or juice.

Inside the main compartment are two additional, padded pouches.  One is large enough for a laptop computer, and the other would be ideal for my husband's phablet, or a small keyboard. 

A kidney pad is built into this backpack, as well.

This decanter is lightweight, beautiful and unique.  It's pretty just sitting empty on display.
The wine (or whatever you choose to use it for) comes out of the tiny spout in a perfect stream.  It's so easy to hold it by the larger "neck" for pouring, it feels very secure in my hand.  I love the fact that it's lead free, and dishwasher safe.  I probably won't be putting it in a dishwasher, anyway, but it's nice to have the ability.

Careme Hair Straightening Brush
This hair straightening brush does pretty much the same as others I have used.  I think they'd be great for someone with wavy hair, and less natural frizz, but not for me.  A regular flat iron does a much better job on my hair.  Also, one thing I finally noticed about these brushes is they are hard to clean.  I use a lot of product on my hair and sometimes it gets onto my flat iron or whatever I am using, and with these brushes, it's very hard to clean between the "bristles". 

I have been fortunate enough to review several Herbal Choice Mari products recently.
This makeup remover worked really well to remove my eyeliner.  I had a harder time removing the mascara , though.  The next morning after using the remover, I awoke with red, irritated and slightly swollen eyes.  I can't be for sure, but it seems I had a reaction to this product.    This remover is chemical free, but that doesn't mean there can't be something some people happen to be allergic to in the ingredients.  It's look like I happen to be one of them.
If I were a potential customer out there, though, I would not let my experience keep you from trying the product.  If I were allergic to peanuts, that would not make a candy car with peanuts a faulty product.
This product still has a lot of cool things going for it, and I still like that it's all natural and chemical free.  You can read the ingredient list and see for yourself!

I like fun, fairly simple games like this one. It reminds me of bowling, but better for someone with a bad back, like me. The wood pieces seem pretty well built, and I bet they would last for many years.
One thing that concerned me is the "skittle" had some rough places in the wood that looked like it could have been sanded down better, because I worry that it could cause a cut or a splinter.
Overall, though, I do think this is a fun game and I like the fact that it's something that can be enjoyed by pretty much all ages.

The really should not be called shorts.  They should be called underwear.  I ordered a size medium to be sure I'd get a decent fit, and these things are still too small and not decent to go out in public in.  The are just about 6 inches long, which really isn't long enough to cover anyone, I think.  The ad did say micro mini shorts, but even if you let that pass, they are just too thin, and not totally opaque.  I would feel like I was wearing my underwear if I went out in these.  They would best be used for panties, or for something like pinup modeling.