Sunday, December 17, 2017

Red Plaid Leggings

Happy Weekend!   

Things are warming up a little in the coming week here in Virginia, with temperatures in the 50's, or higher!  I am looking forward to it!

Here's another look wearing red plaid, this time it's in leggings!  I am sharing some other options in the links before.

Red Plaid Leggings

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Darkiron Bluetooth Speaker Review

 Need a last minute Christmas gift idea?  Check out my review for the Darkiron Bluetooth Speaker!
This outdoor speaker by Darkiron weighs approximately 23 ounces, and comes in a rectangular, cardboard box, which measures, approximately, 7.5 inches long, by 4.25 inches wide, by 3 inches tall.  The speaker itself is approximately the size of a brick.  I find this size to be perfect for most uses, since it's not too small, and not too big.
The speaker comes taped into a white, plastic bag, covered and surrounded by black or dark gray, foam padding, resting on a cardboard compartment which encloses the following accessories:

a business card
a palm-sized instruction manual
a metal D-ring (approximately 1 inch by 2 inches)
a black audio cable (approximately 2 feet long)
a black USB/microUSB cable (approximately 2 feet long)

The first ten pages of the instruction manual, printed in orange and black on white, are in English.  Pages 11 through 19 are in German.  I found it unnecessary to refer to the manual to connect this speaker, via the audio cable, to my laptop and listen to the sound effects while playing a video game.  It was also unnecessary to refer to the manual to connect this speaker to my Samsung J3/16 (Android) smart phone, via Bluetooth technology, and listen to the sound effects while playing a game on the smart phone.

The speaker is ruggedized, for outdoor use, with a rubber loop, at one corner, for dangling it from something by the D-ring while in motion.  It is also designed to stand on any of it four, rubbery, green edges.  Speaker screens fill the surfaces on the front and back of the brick.
On the top edge of the speaker, indicated by the DARKIRON logo on its face, there are the following manual controls, molded into the rubbery edge:

M (apparently for "Mode")

The backward and forward buttons can be used to increase and decrease the volume.

Near these manual control are three lights.  Apparently, the Bluetooth light is not labeled.  Another light is labeled with a battery icon, and the third is label "MIC," to indicate, apparently, if a microphone is connected.

There are input and output connectors and controls on what the manual refers to as the bottom of the speaker, which is actually the left end of it (to the right as you face the "DARKIRON" logo), as follows:

AUX (for the audio cable)
TF (for TransFlash cards)
microUSB, 5 Volt Direct Current in
USB (Universal Serial Bus) out
On/Off switch

A rubber panel matching the edge of the speaker, labeled "OPEN," fits snugly over the "bottom" of the speaker, and dangles by a strip of rubber when removed.

This seems to be an ideal speaker for the audiofile on the go!

Red Motorcycle Jacket


Friday, December 15, 2017

Red Ruffles

I have been taking it easy today, since I am still recovering from having a tooth extracted Wednesday.  It's been a rough week!  I am looking forward to having a nice, relaxing period before Christmas arrives.  Hopefully nothing will come up.  

I still need to put up a tree!  It's amazing how the time gets away from us!
Red Ruffles

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Red Plaid Dress

Another snow day shot.  I am recovering after having a tooth removed yesterday.  Then, today we had to go to court for the trespassing neighbor again.  It's been a rough two days!

Vaughan and I treated ourselves to lunch out, and shopping after court.  

How was your day?

Red Plaid Dress

Red Plaid Dress

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Red Plaid and Denim

I took the opportunity to take a few photos in the snow last week.  It was very pretty, but I hope this is the last for the year!

Red Plaid and Denim
Red Plaid and Denim