Thursday, May 30, 2019

Tropical Print Shorts

 I bought these tropical print shorts last year from Goodwill.  They were just 50 cents because everything was on sale, as the store was going out of business.  I decided to wear this lace top with the shorts for a slightly "dressed up" version of a tee shirt and shorts.  I added one of the many braided belts I have picked up while thrifting over the years.

The shorts are made from a tee-shirt-like fabric, making them very soft, and comfortable to wear on what was a very hot, and sticky day.  I like that the shorts are also on the longer side, and even though you can't see it, they are high waisted.  I may wear them with a top tucked in, the next time.  I think they would also look cute with a long sleeved, buttoned blouse. 

Today was another super hot day here in Virginia.  As least the humidity was not as bad.  Vaughan and I did a little thrift shopping and I found some cute, vintage clothing items.  Stay tuned for my next haul video on Youtube

Tomorrow is my next-to-last dental appointment in Richmond!  I will be getting impressions done for the final crown!  I will be so thrilled once this whole process is over!

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