Monday, June 5, 2017

Yonala Beach Cover Up

I wore this beach cover-up as a regular outfit, over a plain black dress.  I love the tiny tassels around the edges, it is perfect for this year's trend, and very cute! I found the fit to be very comfortable, since it is so loose on me.  Since the side are open, this is cute if worn with shorts, a skirt, etc.  I am also looking forward to using it as an actual cover-up.  The only thing I would change is to make the tassels not stick together as much as they do.

Cover-up Yonala

These lawn chairs by Best Choice Products come in a two-pack, and are the most comfortable lawn chairs I've ever sat in.  They're among the most comfortable chairs of any type that I've ever sat in, for that matter! 

They are very light-weight and easy to store and/or transport when not in use.  With mesh seats, and drainage holes in the plastic trays that come with them, they are also designed to be left out on the lawn in the rain for days.

Each chair comes with a tray which can be quickly and easily slid on and off of the place where the legs meet on either side of the chair.  These trays have two cup holders - one with a place for a mug handle to fit.  They also have two rectangular compartments, one large enough for a couple magazines, and the other for napkins, or cell phones.
These chairs may be reclined like hospital beds.  Knobs on both sides, under the arm rests, may be tightened to prevent the chairs from reclining unexpectedly.

Each of these chairs has a built-on head cushion which may be slid up and down the back of the chair, and rotated left or right, to accommodate people of different heights and/or who lean to either side.

I can hardly wait to take these to see the fireworks this 4th of July!

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