Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pants and Ruched Dress

I ordered these pants in size large.  The pants are too long for me, so I needed to wear them with tall heels, but I am used to having to do that with most pants.  My waist is 26 inches, and the waist of the pants ended up being too big for me, so I had to pin them in the back to be tighter,
I really like the print and of the fabric, and they are very cool for the summer heat.  The fabric does tend to wrinkle, though.

Price? $21.99

Pants Zeagoo

I bought these silver pants in a size large.  The pants are too long for me, so they ended up bunching at the ankle.  They also ended up being to large in the waist. ( I am 26 inches in the waist), but they fit pretty good in the hip area.   I think this size would work even better on someone with a larger waist to match the hips, and longer legs.  I love the silver metallic fabric.  It is certainly eye catching!

These leggings are just $10.99!

 Pants Finejo

I ordered this ruched dress in a size medium, and the fit is very good.    I love ruched clothing, so I am pleased with this dress.  The few things I would change are to use a higher quality fabric, and make the waist a little more defined.  I will probably wear a belt with this dress in the future to make it a little more figure flattering.  This dress can also be worn as a skirt, and it works really well that way!  This is probably a good item for travel since it can do double duty.

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