Monday, June 12, 2017

Avidlove Lingerie Haul

For today's post I have the huge Avidlove lingerie haul!  So many pretty new pieces, it's hard to pick my favorite!

I ordered this slip in a size small.  The fit is very good.  I love the ruffles, and the pretty shade of pink.  The slip is comfortable enough to actually sleep in, unlike some lingerie.  The fabric is silky, and had a few wrinkles when it arrived in the mail.  They were easily steamed out.  I like that the slip came with a matching thong, even though I will probably just wear my regular underwear with it.  This look is sexy, but sophisticated. I really like the style, and length.

The price is just $15.99 and is also comes in three other colors!

Slip Avidlove

Avidlove Lingerie Haul

I ordered this item in a size small, and the fit is pretty much perfect.    I really love those it looks on.  The shoulder straps are adjustable, so I was able to get just the right fit.  The fabric is very soft, comfortable and stretchy.  It feels almost like a tee shirt!  I would like this in a actual dress version.  With a little more coverage, I could see wearing it out!  The item also comes with a comfortable thong panty, which is a nice addition!  Definitely a great deal!

Price is just $13.99 and it also comes in three other colors!

Lingerie Avidlove 

 I ordered this slip in a size medium.  The fit is perfect!
 I love it!  It looks like a much more expensive slip gown than it it.  The fabric is silky and comfortable.  I did notice on the strap in the front right side that is was scratching me a bit, but I looked and saw that is was the product tag, and can be very easily removed, so no worries!  I love how long the slip is, and that is is even longer in the back, making sure that I have plenty of coverage and comfort.

This slip is $17.99 and comes in three others colors.

Slip Avidlove

I ordered this nightgown in a size large.  The fit is great.  I love the lace, and the color.  I bought mine in rose red, which is really more a hot pink color, but I love it.  The lace is very soft and comfortable, not scratchy at all.  The little ruffles around the top and bottom make the slip extra cute.  The straps stretch, so they adjust as needed, and move with you.  The thong is a little loose on me, but it would be very easy to take up if I wanted to bother.

It's only $12.99 and is also comes in four other colors!

Nightgown Avidlove

I ordered this night gown in a size medium.  The fit is very good.  The fabric is so soft and comfortable, I love it!  This almost looks like a dress you could wear out, if the bust were not sheer!  The length is nice.  The fabric feels like tee shirt fabric, and I mean that in a good way!  I love how stretchy is is, making it very easy to pull on and off.  I think this style is super flattering for lots of different body types.

This gown is $17.69 and comes in three other colors.

Nightgown Avidlove


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