Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Zapaka Dresses

For today's post and going to be talking about the website of Zapaka which has lots of different beautiful clothing options.  I'd never heard of the site Before and was intrigued when Zapata wrote to me And asked me to take a look at their website.  Zapaka seems like a wonderful website especially if you are interested in retro style dresses. I was happy to find yet another clothing site to shop from.  I had never heard of Zapaka until they contacted me just lately.

The dresses below are just a few of the cut and color options, so be sure to check out Zapaka because they have so many other things, including belts, jewelry and other accessories!

Zapaka also has accessories including belts and jewelry, there are so many other items to take a look at!
Zapaka also has full length evening gowns and even wedding gowns.
I spent a long time just looking at all the beautiful clothing items on their website.
Check out this video to see some of the Zapaka dresses in action.

This dress is so beautiful! I think every girl should have a red lace dress in their wardrobe I know I already own several and I like to wear them when I really want to make a fashion statement. 
Red is such a bold eye catching attention getting color and lace is just a classic fade favorite fabric of mine.  I think adding a belt would also be a lovely touch to this dress.  Depending on accessories, you can really chance the look.  Thanks to the lovely neckline, this would also be a great dress for showcasing a fabulous necklace!

The color of this next dress is just amazing.  The type of lace is also gorgeous this is definitely one of my favorites as much as I like red I also like things that are neutral classic and beautiful like this dress. It's such a romantic color it looks like a vintage find.

This dress is in a beautiful classic cream which is another color that you can't go wrong with you can use it as a blank canvas and add different colors for interest with your accessories.  If this is not you color, there are many other to choose from, so just check out the website and start shopping!

White and Champagne Dress


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