Friday, November 16, 2018

PopReal Black Friday Sale!

Today's blog post is about some of the products available at   from, which is currently having an Under $9.99, a Black Friday Sale, and a Flash Sale! (This year, Black Friday is Friday, November 22nd!)

They have a variety of "Kids'" or children's clothing and accessories, including hats, purses, and cheap backpacks. There are so many cute options available, and they would make such great presents for the upcoming holiday season!

My husband and I love predominantly red, plaid bags such as this one:

Plaid Backpack

How fun is the red plaid for the fall and winter season!? My husband also loves Earth tones.  I love all the sparkly, sequin items!

I love the idea of the mom and daughter matching outfits!  They even have matching sets for the entire family!  This is such a fun and cute idea for the holidays, especially when it comes time for family photos!  My husband and I like to try to match our outfits on occasion, and it's always fun when we do.  Vaughan and my father even wear matching shirts sometimes!
This plaid shirt dress is my favorite!

Mom Girl Plaid Self Tie Shirt Dress

They also have baby shoes that have faux gem stones, fur, sequins, and metal studs.  I saw a pair similar to this in a men's wear store the other day, which I would love to buy for my husband!   If I had a little girl, I could totally see getting her a pair of adorable booties, like these pink sequin ones!

Sequin & Bowknot Decorated Thick Boots 

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