HipMix.Net Ultimate Belly Dance Diva


"Blast & Whisper"  Queen Jazz/starring Breadwin Production

"Take-Away Spirit"  Ethel Hampton/supporting One Shot Production

 "Dawn of The Redneck Samurai"  Wing/lead Good As A Mugg Production

 "Vanity"  Starring Laila Hammonds, Director

 "Redneck Samurai: Rise of The Damned" Wing/supporting Good As A Mugg Production

 "Unidentfied" Protester/principal Midnight Oil Pictures

 "Wished" Bartender/principal PM Flicks

 "The Key Man" Gala guest Key Man Production

 "Lost Letters of Faith" Gamaleil’s guest/featured The History Channel

 "Proof Positive" Support group member Nelson May, Director

 "U R Pre-Approved" Audience member Randel Blaum, Director

 "Evan Almighty" Business woman Universal Pictures

 "Spunky Z's Solution" HS student/principal Donald Whittier, Director

 "The Great World of Sound" Waitress Craig Zobel, Director

 "The Foot Fist Way" Drunk model Jody Hill, Director

 "PMS" Featured Latonya Parker, Director

 "Mulligans: Zach" Stand-in Elysium Ent. Prod.

 "Mickey" Spectator Hugh Wilson, Director

 "Family Wedding" Wedding guest Fox Searchlight

 "California Winter" Store patron Odin Ozdil, Director

 "Hello Herman" Protester Michelle Danner, Director

"Tag" Homeless youth Danny Roth, Director

 "The Last Stand" Zombie Cannibal Cuisine, LLC

"Walking The Halls" Stand in   Doug Campbell, Director

"I Love Your Moves"  Dancer    The Border Productions, LLC

"Taking Autumn"   Farmers market vender   Matthew Fredrick

"The Trace"      Nail salon patron        Pascal Atuma,Director


"Is It Real? The Shroud of Turin" Mary Magdalene National Geographic

"Conviction" Killer's girlfriend/principal MSNBC/Sirens Media

"Exorcism- Driving Out The Devil" Possessed girl/lead The History Channel

"Psychic Witness" Karen Harden/guest starring The Learning Channel

 "Friday Night Lights" Football fan NBC

"Commander in Chief" Baseball fan Touchstone

"Commander in Chief" Law student Touchstone

"One Tree Hill" Movie patron Warner Bros.

"One Tree Hill" Club patron Warner Bros.

"One Tree Hill" HS student Warner Bros.

11 "One Tree Hill" Groupie Warner Bros.

"My Generation" Hotel guest ABC Television

 "Storage Wars" Auction bidder A&E

 "The John Kerwin Show" Audience member member Briarwood Production

 "The Two of Us" Club patron Katalyst Films

 "Disaster Date" Bikini girl/featured MTV Production

 "Greek" Cyprus-Rhodes student ABC Family

 "Club TV USA" Hot girl/principal On-Q Production

 "Excused" Knocker/principal CBS

 "Iron Jawed Angels" Suffragist HBO Films

 "Minute to Win It" Audience member NBC Television

 "The Doctors" Audience member Paramount

 "America's Court" Audience member

 "The Gossip Queens" Audience member

"The Singing Bee" Audience member

"The Singing Bee" Audience member

"We the People" Audience member

 "The Talk" Audience member

 "America's Court" Audience member

 "The Affion Crockett Show" Audience member

 "America's Court" Audience member

"America's Court" Audience member

 "The Voice" Audience member NBC Television

 "The Doctors" Audience member

"America's Court" Audience member

"Hair Battle Spectacular 2" Paparazza Oxygen Network

"The Voice" Audience member NBC Television

"Radical"   Party guest    Steakhaus Productions

"Glee"     H.S. student     Fox Productions

"Backseat Breakthrough"    Self     Truality

"The Talk"   Audience

"The Doctor's"   Audience

"Pit Boss"    Self       Green Bottle pictures

"Dr. Drew"     Audience

"Face Off"  Audience   SyFi Network

"Dating Pool"   Pool party girl


 Cut Copy "Need You Now" Fencer/lead Jerk Production

 K-Mex "Dying to See You" Party guest Mistri Entertainment

"Make it Out" Featured girl Pictures in Pieces  


Autism Video Principal Velasquez Media

You Can School Program Susan Green/receptionist Mind and Media, Inc.


Home Girls on Horse Back    Self/contestant  

Dot TK Dotty Taloha, Inc.

Miramax Press Release Janet Waztap, Inc.

YouTooTV Principal Quark Entertainment



Lone Star National Bank Warehouse worker Río Bravo Pictures

Carmax Principal Carmax, Inc.

Virginia Lottery Featured dancer Park Group Production

U.S. Coast Guard Survivor PCI Communications

American Visionary Art Museum Principal Desedo Films, LLC.

Public Service Anouncement Featured/dancer Irukandji Production

Central Virginia Waste Management Singer/dancer principal CBS Channel 6

Sylvan Learning Center Principal Insight Production

Progress Energy Marathon walker Park Production

Commonwealth Games Fencer WSET Production

Snickers Theater patron Mars, Inc.

Abogados Fuerza Manager/featured Project West Media

Big Bear Energy Drink   Dancer    Ivar Productions

Bare Magic     Self   Guthy-Renker



"The Go Game" Olympic Committee Member Mindbender Production

"The Go Game" Spy Mindbender Production

"The State of the Art" Ball Roman Goddess Minerva TGCP, Inc. Production

"The Go Game" Ninja Mindbender Production

"The Headless Horseman" Lead CSPA Production

"My New Sister" Lead CSPA Production



"Deep Inside The Heart" Elisa Cantu Tao Production


Foresters    Guest registration    All Points Connect

Edison Team Bonding Assistant Interact Event Production

Best Buy /"True Blood" Promotional assistant Midwest Models

Twenty-Five Years of .Com Policy Forum Guest registration assistant Washington, D.C. with Guest Speaker President Clinton

Craisins Promotional San Antonio, Texas

Wet & Wild Cosmetics Promotional San Antonio, Texas

Mama Mía Singer/promotional model Affinity Talent

Wake Forest Animal Hospital Bike building Assistant Team Bonding

Macy's/Ocean Spray Field representative The Night Agency

IIF Spy school assistant Team Bonding

CSI, Inc. Spy school assistant Team Bonding

Lockheed Martin Team Building Assistant Team Bonding

Camel Cigarettes Go-go dancer/greeter Media Star Production

Harlem Globetrotters Photographer Sharpshooter Imaging

Justin Timberlake's Official fan photographer Signatures Network, Inc. FutureSex/Loveshow Tour 2007 Charlottesville, Virginia

The Scary Bike Build     Assistant       Team Bonding

Tip A King   Photographer   Sony Studios



Eggleston Karate Studio - Basic Karate

Richmond Fencing Club - fencing

Raleigh Fencing Club - foil, épée, sabre

Virginia Commonwealth University Fencing Club - fencing

Virginia Commonwealth University - acting, dance, modeling

All American Girl Pageants

Schroder Fidlow, PLC - Basic Business & Legal Aspects of Independent Filmmaking:



fencing (foil, épée, sabre), belly dancing, hula dancing, flamenco dancing, go-go dancing, contemporary dancing, stunts/stage combat,

self-defense, hand sewing, writing, runway modeling, fashion design, biking, ice skating, shooting, archery